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Vivify Therapy provides accessible and culturally competent mental health interventions through online counselling and psychotherapy, digital self-help courses, psychoeducational workshops and wellbeing retreats.

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Our Approach

Our goal at Vivify Therapy is to help you achieve long-term sustainable change. We do this by focusing on the root causes of your issues and addressing them in a holistic manner. Our unique approach combines psychodynamic psychology, decolonial theory and mindfulness, and is tailored to meet your individual needs and concerns. We believe that by taking a whole-person approach, we can help you not only feel better in the short-term but also achieve lasting, positive change in your life.

Black Sheep.       Confidence.
work life balance    Cultural burdens.

 Toxic relationships.    Existential Crisis. 

Wounded soul.        Lone parent. 

Body Image.     Shame. 

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