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Studies indicate elevated workplace stress for black and minoritized employees, affecting both physical and mental health. Our Vivify Therapy workshops provide evidence-based solutions to address common work-related mental health issues, offering practical steps to build resilience and enhance productivity, fostering innovation and visibility.


Statistics underscore the prevalence of workplace challenges, with 45% of black individuals, 26% of East Asian individuals, 23% of South Asian individuals, and 24% of mixed-race individuals encountering racism. Additionally, 52% of black individuals, 49% of East Asian individuals, 49% of South Asian individuals, and 45% of mixed-race individuals feel a lack of belonging, impacting their mental health.


Aligned with the findings of the Mental Health and Race at Work report, our approach emphasizes the importance of diverse and inclusive support, acknowledging that employees from Black or Minority Ethnic backgrounds are more likely to engage with mental health and well-being resources when delivered in a culturally competent manner. For every organization aiming to foster human flourishing and psychological safety, it is crucial for employees to thrive in the workplace.

"Visibility in the workplace is not just about being seen; it's about being acknowledged, valued, and empowered. In embracing diversity, we not only enrich our work environments but also cultivate a culture of mental well-being where every employee's contribution is recognized and celebrated."

- Priscilla Vivian, Founder

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